Copy Cat

 photo grayboots_shirtdress_1_zps391cb4c3.jpg
 photo grayboots_shirtdress_2_zps649c4714.jpg
 photo grayboots_shirtdress_3_zps34f274bd.jpg
 photo grayboots_shirtdress_4_zpsa458850c.jpg

This started out as a normal outfit photo shoot on my balcony (I wore this to work on Friday), but then Cat decided that he wanted to participate!

 photo grayboots_shirtdress_5_zps58442b67.jpg

If you have a cat, you'll understand how difficult it is to convince one not to do something once it has a mind to do it, so I decided to just go with it and let him be part of the shoot!

 photo grayboots_shirtdress_6_zps5b7ee1af.jpg
 photo grayboots_shirtdress_7_zpsb2474db8.jpg

He's so cute and photogenic anyway. I mean, how could you say no to that face? I certainly didn't want to!

Dress & Boots: Goodwill / Scarf: American Way Thrift / Sunglasses: Target