Sunset / Sunrise


I decided to shoot this dress two different ways when I was out in the desert a few weeks ago. Honestly, it was because I couldn't decide which option I liked better! The one on the left with the yellow tights was done at sunset and the one on the right with the blue tights was done at sunrise. Which way do you prefer? After seeing them side by side, I think the blue tights version is my personal favorite. 

36796695126_a393c202bc_o (1).jpg

This dress is one of my favorites from my personal vintage collection. I don't see myself letting go of it any time soon! It's the perfect thing to throw on when you want to look dressed up without looking like you tried too hard. That can be difficult to pull off, but this dress makes it seem effortless. The loose cut also allows you to eat and drink as much as you want without having to suck your stomach in. I don't know about you, but this is very important to me!

Vintage Hawaiian Dress: Buffalo Exchange / Crochet Vest: Jet Rag Dollar Sale / Blue Tights: Target / Yellow Tights: c/o We Love Colors / Green Boots: Salvation Army / Canvas Heels: Payless