Views from the High Line








Alright, here's one last post from our travels in NYC. Last Tuesday we hit the High Line in Manhattan since Matt had never been there before. For the uninitiated, the High Line is an elevated train track that was converted into a park, in the same vein as the Promenade plantée in Paris. I know there are a few other cities that have similar elevated parks, and apparently there are some in the works in many other cities as well. Urban planning trend alert!

Matt captured some really great moments in the photos he took here. Not just the great cityscape views, but those little New York moments like a cat in the window and a businessman carrying home his new wine refrigerator. Take my word for it, it's an Emerson 12 bottle wine cooler (I made a point of zooming in to read it). For me at least, that photo captures so much about living in NYC. If you buy something, you better be prepared to haul it home!

Oh, if you want to see more of the dress I'm wearing here, take a look at this post from September 2011. This is a major staple in my wardrobe. It's the perfect, comfortable thing to throw on when nothing else seems right!

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