How I'd Wear It: Batwing Dress






Whatcha Wearing?
Maxi dress available here in my Etsy shop
Rainbow wedges from Target
Ring from Claire's

Remember Claire's Accessories at the mall? I hadn't thought about that place in a long time, but I'm positive that's where I bought this superhero-ish glitter lightning bolt ring long, long ago. It's still an awesome and totally appropriate accessory in my book!

What do you think about the pattern mixing happening here? I have to say I hesitated a bit before pairing plaid with rainbow stripes, but I think it works. Also, this is pretty much the most comfortable dress ever, and it would even be full maxi length on someone not quite so jolly green giant as me. At 5'10" it can be difficult finding maxi dresses that actually reach my ankles, let alone the ground! That's why I was so excited to find the dress I wore back in this post. It's so long that my feet disappear!

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