red floral dress leopard socks_1.jpg
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red floral dress leopard socks_4.jpg

I found this dress at the Jet Rag dollar sale a couple months ago and I had every intention to shorten the hem. Then I tried it on. It's just too good at this length to cut it! This sweater, however, was a completely different story. I bought it off the sale rack at H&M years ago and then never wore it. It got to the point where I was going to donate it, but then it dawned on me that it might be good for layering over dresses. I tried it, and it was just okay. Then I realized that it just needed a quick snip to make it shorter. Three minutes later I had a cropped sweater perfect for layering! I know it's pretty subtle, but I also couldn't resist pairing the gray and black leopard print socks with the floral print of the dress. Pattern mixing doesn't always have to be bold!

Vintage Dress: Jet Rag dollar sale / Sweater: H&M / Socks & Sunglasses: Target / Boots: Goodwill