Altered State

Altered State: Mint Floral Dress with Lace Collar

mint lace prairie dress_diptext.jpg
mint lace prairie dress_1.jpg
mint lace prairie dress_2.jpg
mint lace prairie dress_3.jpg

I saw this dress at Goodwill and was instantly drawn to it. I think it was the color. It definitely wasn't the awkward length or weird sleeves. I mean, it kind of looked like Little House on the Prairie meets grandma's favorite summer dress. On top of that, when I tried it on, something about the collar combined with everything else made me feel like I was wearing Ron Weasley's dress robes. Well, maybe it wasn't that extreme, but it definitely didn't feel right! The guy at the register even rang it up as a nightgown. I mean, I'm not complaining. Nightgowns are cheaper than dresses at Goodwill, but it really drove the whole "something about this dress needs to change" idea home for me.

My first thought was to make it shorter, but then I remembered that I'm trying not to immediately make everything I find into a mini. Sometimes it's nice to have a few longer dresses. Then I realized that it was really the sleeves that were throwing off this dress's mojo. They were just baggy and weird, so I chopped them off and hemmed them under. Add some accessories and there you go! No more Laura Ingalls-Ron Weasley-Grandma.

What would you have done to change this dress? Sleeves, length...something else all together? I'd love to hear your ideas in the comments!