Scout It Out


I was downtown in the Arts District last night scouting locations for an upcoming lookbook-type shoot I want to do for the shop. The area is absolutely covered in murals and since I love taking outfit photos in front of the graffiti alley near my apartment, I thought they would be a great background for my shoot as well. We took some photos to test out the light and framing in front of a few walls, and since I stood in for some of the tests, I figured I might as well post these here since I don't think I've ever shared this outfit before. I think I'm going to use these two particular locations, along with one or two others, when I do the actual shoot. I'm super excited to plan this! It's a big undertaking, but I think it'll result in some really spectacular images!

Dress: American Way Thrift Store / Vintage Cardigan: Crossroads Trading Co / Boots: Goodwill / Socks: H&M / Necklace: Rose Bowl Flea Market / Sunglasses: Target