How I'd Wear It: Floral Midi Wrap Skirt

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 photo floralwrapskirt51914_3_zps7131b166.jpg
 photo floralwrapskirt51914_4_zps74457b08.jpg

Do you guys have a certain type of garment that you never really wear? For me it's midi skirts. It's not that I don't like them, it's just that I feel like I have to wear really high heels if I'm going to wear them, and I don't really wear heels that often. I see people style them with flats all the time, but every time I try it myself I end up feeling awkward and stumpy. Now you have the story about why you never really see me in midi skirts!

That being said, I really love this skirt that I have in the shop right now. Knowing that it was a little out of my comfort zone, I decided to style it for this edition of How I'd Wear It. Wearing this blouse without layers over it is also pretty far out of the norm for me as well. I sort of feel like this is something you would wear if you have to go to a really nice brunch. There's something really clean about the whole look that screams "I'm awake earlier than I should be, but damn, it's nice outside today." Haha! Maybe that's just me...

Vintage skirt: Fiery Finish Vintage / Blouse: Philly AIDS Thrift / Shoes: Payless / Bracelet: Gift

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