Altered State

Altered State: Forest Green Dress


I was in the mood for a challenge, so I decided to choose a dress that needed a bit more work for this week's alteration. It didn't really turn out exactly like I planned, but I still think it was a success overall.


Originally I intended to hem the bottom of the skirt, but I cut it too short in the front and had to leave it raw. I might keep my eyes peeled for some cute trim to cove the ragged edge. Also, making a mullet hem was a lot more difficult than I anticipated! I kinda suck at cutting fabric...


I removed the vest, but decided to sew the ties that were attached to it back into the dress itself. This is a plus sized dress, so I needed all the help I could get making it a bit more formfitting. I also took in the sides of the bodice, but honestly, they could be pulled in another inch or so to fit better around the arm openings.


Whatcha Wearing?

Vintage dress & J Crew blazer from Goodwill 

Vintage beret from Salvation Army / Tights from Gap

Bracelet & necklace from Day-Lab / Boots from Beacon's Closet

Hey, it might not look exactly how I planned it, but it's a big improvement from the original, right? Plus it's such a great fall color! I actually considered leaving the vest on, but now I'm very glad I changed my mind. Let's face it, that vest is weird...

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