Sheer Pink

Outfit Details:
Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet
Shoes from Payless (Isabel Toledo)
Vintage scarf from the Sunday Up Market in London
Sunglasses from H&M
Bracelet from H&M

Sweet relief--I'm on vacation for the next week! I think I'm going to play at being a tourist here in NYC. I've lived here for almost 6 years now (!) and I know there's still a lot I have yet to see. Should I get a guidebook? I promise not to block up the sidewalk while reading it...
I got this dress (or is it a nightgown?) at Beacon's Closet a few years ago, and I can honestly say I haven't gotten tired of it one bit. To me, that's the sign that I've made a worthwhile vintage purchase. I was a bit worried that these shoes would rub terribly, but they seem to be pretty comfortable. They were on sale for 50% off at Payless in July. Score!