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How to Style a Vintage Denim Vest for Every Season

Vests are a super easy way to add extra interest to an outfit, and denim vests are especially versatile. Here's how I'd wear this vintage vest from the 70s (available here in the shop) for every season. A combination of vintage and modern pieces were used in these outfits...just goes to show that styling vintage doesn't have to be complicated. Just use what you already have in your closet!

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denim vest flannel shirt_1.jpg
denim vest flannel shirt_3.jpg

A flannel shirt and jeans are a staple during the cold months. Throw on a denim vest and combat boots to really kick winter's ass!

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denim vest floral jumpsuit_2.jpg
denim vest floral jumpsuit_4.jpg

There's still a little chill in the air, but you're ready to shed your winter gear and bring out the bright colors! Layer up with a long sleeve blouse under a sleeveless jumpsuit so all you have to add is your vest and some cute open toe wedges.

The last thing you want to think about in the heat is layers, but I swear a vest is the best way to add interest to a summer outfit without sweating to death! Throw it on over your favorite floral dress, add a hat and sandals, and you're done.

denim vest graphic tee_2.jpg
denim vest graphic tee_3.jpg

There's something about fall that makes me gravitate toward earthy brown tones. Indulge in a little print mixing by pairing plaid shorts with a printed scarf. Just add a graphic t-shirt, tall boots, and your vest. All set!

So that's what I would do! What about you? How would you style it? 


The Story of a Vaguely Southwestern Purple Bow Blouse

purple bow blouse_2.jpg
purple bow blouse_4.jpg
purple bow blouse_1.jpg
purple bow blouse_3.jpg
purple bow blouse_5.jpg

Like so many things that ultimately end up staying in my own wardrobe, this blouse was originally earmarked for the shop. But there was a broken button on the front, and did I really want to replace ALL of the buttons, and wouldn't it just look great with my jumper and yellow tights? This is how I go from selling something to having a packed closet!

And I have to admit, it DOES look great with my gray jumper and yellow tights, and as an added bonus, it also matches my glasses. I will not apologize for being lazy and keeping this blouse!

Altered State

Altered State: Striped Tent Dress

striped dress alteration_dip text.jpg
striped dress alteration_3.jpg
striped dress alteration_2.jpg
striped dress alteration_4.jpg

So back in 2015 I discussed my feelings on how a dress can be shapeless OR long, but not both at the same time (at least on me!). Still, if I find a print I love, I'm probably going to buy it even if it doesn't fit my rules as-is. This dress was another perfect example! Bold jewel tones like this immediately grab me every time, and the stripe and square print is just so cute! The dress itself had some problems though: long, shapeless, AND weird sleeves. 

I'm honestly not sure what was up with those sleeves originally. Were they supposed to be full-length long sleeves or were they actually supposed to have the button cuff hit at mid-forearm. I have an ongoing problem with vintage long sleeves being too short on me so it could be either! Regardless, something needed to change. At first I thought about losing the sleeves completely so that I could layer bright blouses underneath, but that would've also involved changing the neckline. I just wasn't up for that (and kind of like the original neckline). So I cut the cuffs off instead! That actually ended up giving me a fairly wide sleeve that makes a lot more sense visually.

Then, of course, there was the length. Snip, hem, and done - I have a mini dress! Add bright tights, suede boots, and a leather vest and you've got a bold, colorful outfit!

Altered State

Altered State: Pink Tie Neck Dress

This alteration was super simple. I loved the colors on this dress, but it was just so frumpy as is. Easy fix...shorten the sleeves and the hem! Now it feels like the perfect end of summer dress, especially when paired with a straw hat and sunglasses!

I already know exactly how to style it for fall too. The cooler weather will be here before we know it and so will the teal tights and knee high brown boots that I plan to throw on with this. :)

Musings on Vintage Remixing

floral dress fringed vest_5.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_3.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_1.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_4.jpg

One of the things I love most about vintage pieces is that they never really go out of style. I mean, they're sort of always out of style just by their nature, right? In my mind that makes them timeless. It's all in how you style the piece. 

I've never been one to go full vintage for a very era specific look (not that there's anything wrong with that), but instead I either mix decades or pair vintage pieces with modern to give them a more current feel. Mixing it up like that also allows me to wear specific vintage pieces over and over again, sometimes for years, without having them feel tired to me.

This dress for example, has been featured on my blog twice before. Once in September 2011 and again in May 2012. That's 5 solid years of wearing this dress and I'm sure there are many more to come!

Do you have any items in your closet that you endlessly remix? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Vintage Dress: Beacon's Closet / Free People Vest: Crossroads Trading / Sandals: Payless / Necklace: a gift from Matt / Vintage Sunglasses: Day-Lab