The Story of a Vaguely Southwestern Purple Bow Blouse

purple bow blouse_2.jpg
purple bow blouse_4.jpg
purple bow blouse_1.jpg
purple bow blouse_3.jpg
purple bow blouse_5.jpg

Like so many things that ultimately end up staying in my own wardrobe, this blouse was originally earmarked for the shop. But there was a broken button on the front, and did I really want to replace ALL of the buttons, and wouldn't it just look great with my jumper and yellow tights? This is how I go from selling something to having a packed closet!

And I have to admit, it DOES look great with my gray jumper and yellow tights, and as an added bonus, it also matches my glasses. I will not apologize for being lazy and keeping this blouse!


A Pop of Pink

plaid shirt pink tights_1.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_2.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_3.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_4.jpg

I just can't get into the holiday spirit. No matter how hard I try, year after year, it doesn't happen for me here in LA. The weather will not allow it! Don't get me wrong, it was an absolutely delightful day last Sunday when we took these photos. It just isn't holiday weather though. I'll do my best, but I don't think it'll really hit me until we arrive in the frozen midwest in a couple weeks. The one saving grace is that it cooled down enough to wear tights...at least I have that!


70s Chevron Striped Sundress

vintage 70s chevron striped dress_1.jpg
vintage 70s chevron striped dress_2.jpg
vintage 70s chevron striped dress_3.jpg
vintage 70s chevron striped dress_4.jpg

Yes, it's still warm enough to wear sandals, but you're probably pretty sick of me complaining about the heat, so let's move on...

I wore this lovely, summery outfit to the Hammer Museum a few weeks ago, but I just didn't feel like taking photos that day. Is it just me, or do other bloggers sometimes recreate an outfit just for a photoshoot days (or even weeks) after you actually wore it? I mean, I wasn't even going anywhere the day I put this on for the photoshoot. I literally put it on, went outside to shoot it, and then promptly changed when I got back inside. I don't know why, but it feels like cheating for some reason! 

All 'cheating' aside, this is one of my favorite vintage pieces. Who doesn't love a colorful 70s sundress? The black vest and sandals help to weigh things down a bit and make the whole look a bit more seasonally appropriate. It is October after all! Hopefully I'll be able to sport some actual fall outfits soon.

Vintage Dress: eBay / Vest: Goodwill / Hat: Atlantis Attic / Sunglasses: Rose Bowl Flea / Sandals: H&M / Bracelet: Target


The Spectacular Fantastic

spectacular fantastic_1.jpg
spectacular fantastic_2.jpg
spectacular fantastic_3.jpg
spectacular fantastic_4.jpg
spectacular fantastic_5.jpg

I'm kind of in love with the color story for this outfit. Who knew orange and green were such a great combo? Now I do! My friend Mike loaded me up with some t-shirts when I was back in Cincinnati for Christmas/Festivus, and this is one of them. Man, I love a good t-shirt. You can throw it on with jeans to go to the grocery on Sunday afternoon or you can make an awesome outfit like this for a Friday at the office! Works equally as well in either situation. Anyway, this shirt is for Mike's former band / current recording project, The Spectacular Fantastic. They're one of the bands we used to go see all the time back when we lived in Cincy. Check them out on Spotify sometime! I would personally suggest starting with Just My Luck from the 2004 album Vortex of Vacancy. That one was always fun live!

Vintage Sweater: Goodwill / Shorts & Earrings: Buffalo Exchange / Boots: Beacon's Closet / Tights: We Love Colors


Wonder Valley

wonder valley_1.jpg
wonder valley_2.jpg
wonder valley_3.jpg
wonder valley_4.jpg

We were out in Wonder Valley near Joshua Tree National Park shooting my spring lookbook last weekend, and I decided to snap these quick outfit photos while we were at it too. I can't waste scenery as beautiful as this! Right after this we did some rock scrambling in the park and then stopped off at Hangar 24 Brewery on the way home for some well deserved beers.

I'm still digging through the photos for the actual lookbook. This time around was a lot more challenging than last fall. Everything just seemed to fall perfectly in place then. This time we had the wind to deal with. I don't mean a slight breeze, it was full on windy. So now I'm sorting through otherwise beautiful photos where my hair is blowing up at a strange angle or my whole body is being blow off-kilter as I try to balance on the rocky ground in towering heels. I actually almost sprained my ankle a few times! The things I do for my shop...

Anyway, I hope to have the lookbook edited and posted in the next couple weeks. I'm also working on a redesign of this whole site, including the blog. Lots of changes coming and I'm super excited!