The Spectacular Fantastic

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I'm kind of in love with the color story for this outfit. Who knew orange and green were such a great combo? Now I do! My friend Mike loaded me up with some t-shirts when I was back in Cincinnati for Christmas/Festivus, and this is one of them. Man, I love a good t-shirt. You can throw it on with jeans to go to the grocery on Sunday afternoon or you can make an awesome outfit like this for a Friday at the office! Works equally as well in either situation. Anyway, this shirt is for Mike's former band / current recording project, The Spectacular Fantastic. They're one of the bands we used to go see all the time back when we lived in Cincy. Check them out on Spotify sometime! I would personally suggest starting with Just My Luck from the 2004 album Vortex of Vacancy. That one was always fun live!

Vintage Sweater: Goodwill / Shorts & Earrings: Buffalo Exchange / Boots: Beacon's Closet / Tights: We Love Colors

How I'd Wear It

How I'd Wear It: Triangle Print Mod Dress

triangle print mod dress_diptext.jpg
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This is another dress that I probably shouldn't have tried on, because now that I have, I'm having a hard time leaving it in the shop! I made a pact with myself: if it's still in the shop at the end of summer, I get to keep it. Don't you think it would be just as lovely for fall as it is for spring? Plus I already have tights and a necklace that match it perfectly. I'm going to stop typing now because I feel like I'm just trying to convince myself to pull it out of the shop right away. Hurry and get it before it disappears (into my closet)!

Vintage Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage / Tights: We Love Colors / Vintage Necklace: garage sale / Boots: Beacon's Closet / Bracelet: H&M