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Styling Tips

How to Style a Colorful Vintage Zebra Print Jacket 4 Ways

colorful zebra print jacket.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_2.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_1.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_3.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_4.jpg
colorful zebra print jacket_2.2.jpg

Do you ever pass up a kinda crazy piece because you’re worried you won’t get enough wear out of it? Like, you can only imagine one way to wear it because it’s THAT much of a statement? I’m willing to admit that even I struggle with that sometimes, and I pride myself on my ability to find multiple ways to wear anything. (Seriously, I wear my clothes into the ground and the only way to do that successfully is to come up with new ideas to keep outfits fresh for myself.)

I originally bought this colorful zebra print jacket with the intention to sell it, but I just couldn’t part with it. I’ve never been a big animal print person, but there’s just something about the bold colors here that made me hold onto this. Now you might think that you can only wear this with all black to avoid looking too bold. Fuck that kind of thinking! This jacket is just begging to be paired with so many colors .

Which outfit do you like the best? How would you style it?

How I'd Wear It

How I'd Wear It: Triangle Print Mod Dress

triangle print mod dress_diptext.jpg
triangle print mod dress_2.jpg
triangle print mod dress_1.jpg
triangle print mod dress_3.jpg
triangle print mod dress_4.jpg

This is another dress that I probably shouldn't have tried on, because now that I have, I'm having a hard time leaving it in the shop! I made a pact with myself: if it's still in the shop at the end of summer, I get to keep it. Don't you think it would be just as lovely for fall as it is for spring? Plus I already have tights and a necklace that match it perfectly. I'm going to stop typing now because I feel like I'm just trying to convince myself to pull it out of the shop right away. Hurry and get it before it disappears (into my closet)!

Vintage Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage / Tights: We Love Colors / Vintage Necklace: garage sale / Boots: Beacon's Closet / Bracelet: H&M