Altered State

Altered State: Pink Tie Neck Dress

This alteration was super simple. I loved the colors on this dress, but it was just so frumpy as is. Easy fix...shorten the sleeves and the hem! Now it feels like the perfect end of summer dress, especially when paired with a straw hat and sunglasses!

I already know exactly how to style it for fall too. The cooler weather will be here before we know it and so will the teal tights and knee high brown boots that I plan to throw on with this. :)

Musings on Vintage Remixing

floral dress fringed vest_5.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_3.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_1.jpg
floral dress fringed vest_4.jpg

One of the things I love most about vintage pieces is that they never really go out of style. I mean, they're sort of always out of style just by their nature, right? In my mind that makes them timeless. It's all in how you style the piece. 

I've never been one to go full vintage for a very era specific look (not that there's anything wrong with that), but instead I either mix decades or pair vintage pieces with modern to give them a more current feel. Mixing it up like that also allows me to wear specific vintage pieces over and over again, sometimes for years, without having them feel tired to me.

This dress for example, has been featured on my blog twice before. Once in September 2011 and again in May 2012. That's 5 solid years of wearing this dress and I'm sure there are many more to come!

Do you have any items in your closet that you endlessly remix? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

Vintage Dress: Beacon's Closet / Free People Vest: Crossroads Trading / Sandals: Payless / Necklace: a gift from Matt / Vintage Sunglasses: Day-Lab

Altered State

Altered State: Pink & Orange Plaid Dress

pink plaid dress_diptext.jpg
pink plaid dress_2.jpg
pink plaid dress_4.jpg
pink plaid dress_3.jpg

This was a fun one! I haven't taken on a alteration this complex in a while, and it felt really good to transform that hideous, shoulder padded monstrosity into a cute little dress.

In all honesty, this is the kind of dress I usually pass up. Awkward length, shapeless, and weird shoulder pads. Not usually a recipe to make me buy, but it was a dollar and I have a bit of a thing for bright pink and orange together, so I went for it. Plus the pintuck bodice is so cute! 

Obviously the first step was snipping out the shoulder pads. Pretty easy. Then I decided to take the sleeves off all together. At first that was because I wanted it to be really summery, but I quickly realized it could work well as a jumper in cooler weather too. I do love versatility! Because of the jumper idea, I decided not to take the bodice in quite as close fitting as I originally planned. Just enough to make it more my size while leaving room for layers underneath. The final step was snipping off the length and hemming it up. I have a rule about loose fitting dresses having to be short. It's just one of those weird rules I made up for myself along the way. I mean, loose longer dresses work on other people, I just think they look really weird on me!

So that it! I threw on a white blouse with a crazy 70s collar, some mint tights, and a flower pin that reminds me of a fried egg, and there's a springtime outfit! I can't wait to remix it with sandals and fun jewelry for summer!


A Pop of Pink

plaid shirt pink tights_1.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_2.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_3.jpg
plaid shirt pink tights_4.jpg

I just can't get into the holiday spirit. No matter how hard I try, year after year, it doesn't happen for me here in LA. The weather will not allow it! Don't get me wrong, it was an absolutely delightful day last Sunday when we took these photos. It just isn't holiday weather though. I'll do my best, but I don't think it'll really hit me until we arrive in the frozen midwest in a couple weeks. The one saving grace is that it cooled down enough to wear least I have that!

How I'd Wear It

How I'd Wear It: Slouchy 80s Sweater

oversized peach 80s sweater_diptext.jpg
oversized peach 80s sweater_3.jpg
oversized peach 80s sweater_4.jpg
oversized peach 80s sweater_5.jpg

This one was a bit of a stretch for me at first. I don't really wear big slouchy off the shoulder things and I definitely don't usually wear peach. Honestly, I think this made me change my mind about both! I don't know why I thought I couldn't wear peach. I guess it had something to do with my skin tone or my hair, but seeing these pictures made me realize I was wrong. It's actually a pretty good color. And of course I'm always happy to have another color to wear that looks great with teal.

Anyway, I guess the point of all this is that you shouldn't be afraid of big slouchy 80s sweaters, even if they're in colors you thought you couldn't wear! (Plus this one has fun little pom pom things on the front.)

Vintage Sweater: Fiery Finish Vintage / Shorts & Earrings: Buffalo Exchange / Tights: We Love Colors / Shoes: Payless