Altered State

Altered State: 70s Orange Plaid Dress

orange plaid dress_b4after text.jpg
orange plaid dress_1.jpg
orange plaid dress_5.jpg
orange plaid dress_4.jpg

The more I try to blog regularly, the more I drop the ball! Now it’s been over a year since I’ve posted here! I’m going to try to do things differently in 2019, I promise.

I’ve owned this dress for a few years, but I think I only wore it once, despite loving the colors and off-kilter plaid print. It really just came down to the fact that the sleeves were several inches too short (a common problem I have with vintage garments). They also didn’t cuff well, so that workaround wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead I decided to give it short sleeves! I considered a few ways to do that, and eventually landed on a cuffed look with machine stitching. A pretty simple alteration that I did on a Sunday afternoon, but it makes all the difference. Now I can wear this dress! And I already have: these photos were taken after I’d worn it to work all day (with more sensible boots and a cardigan to protect me from my freezing office, of course)!

Sometimes the simplest alteration is all you need to make something perfect for you…