The Story of a Vaguely Southwestern Purple Bow Blouse

 photo purple bow blouse_2_zpsqkmypcbd.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_4_zpsn1abhutf.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_1_zpsog7xhyvh.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_3_zpsbs8uy61g.jpg
 photo purple bow blouse_5_zpsj0cuske5.jpg

Like so many things that ultimately end up staying in my own wardrobe, this blouse was originally earmarked for the shop. But there was a broken button on the front, and did I really want to replace ALL of the buttons, and wouldn't it just look great with my jumper and yellow tights? This is how I go from selling something to having a packed closet!

And I have to admit, it DOES look great with my gray jumper and yellow tights, and as an added bonus, it also matches my glasses. I will not apologize for being lazy and keeping this blouse!