Altered State

Altered State: Vintage Shirt Dress

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It was love at first sight when I saw this dress hiding in the piles at the Jet Rag dollar sale. I love wearing the color blue. I love it so much that I actually have to force myself to choose other colors when I'm shopping so that I don't end up with an entirely blue closet! I just really like how it looks with my red hair...

One of the first things I do when inspecting a vintage item is to check to make sure all the buttons are there. Sure, buttons are easy to replace, but it can be a pain in the ass to find a bunch of the same button unless you want to go and buy a new set. And forget finding one random button that just happens to match the ones on your dress. Believe me, I have two giant tins of random buttons and this rarely works out. So I checked this dress, and all 3 buttons were attached to the front. Great! Then I checked the cuffs. Not so much luck. This dress actually had French cuffs and cufflinks. And unfortunately one of the cufflinks was missing. Bummer. 

I toyed with the idea of buying a new set of cufflinks, but that seemed too fussy. Plus how do you even get dressed without help when you have cufflinks? Is it even possible? The whole thing just seemed like a hassle, so I went with the next best option. Chop off the sleeves! So I snipped them off, leaving a bit of fabric on the sleeve side of the seam, pressed that inside the armhole, and stitched it up by hand. Super easy! I like sleeveless dresses better anyway...