Fall 2015 Lookbook: Autumn Almanac

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My Bowie shirt saved my ass on a photoshoot.

Let me start again. Have you ever royally fucked something up? I mean like a why did I even bother level fuck up? Well, let me tell you about my fall lookbook shoot...

Admittedly this was my least organized lookbook shoot from the get go. I just started a new day job and I swore that I wouldn't let that slow down the progress I've been making with my shop. That included getting this lookbook done on time. No excuses.

We drove out to our AirBnb rental in the desert, and everything seemed like it was going to be great. We even had our own personal mountain right on the property. It wasn't as hot as my weather app had been predicting. Everything seemed great! Then I unpacked everything I brought to shoot. I had all eight pieces I planned to list in the shop, I had all the shoes, tights, and accessories. What didn't I have? Well, the tops and skirts I had planned to pair with the shop items were still sitting on the rack at home. Almost a three hour drive away from the photo shoot.

After a brief freakout, I decided to assess the situation to see what I could do. I was wearing cutoffs and my prized David Bowie shirt. I guessed that could work under the poncho. I tried it out and I was right! Well, if I flipped the shirt around, it was just a plain white shirt. That could maybe work with the printed shorts and crochet vest? Turned out that it did! 

So it turned out that I was able to shoot four of the seven looks I had planned for the lookbook. Crises averted, all because I decided to throw on my Bowie shirt that morning for the hot drive to the desert!