Altered State

Altered State: Printed Muumuu

altered state_printed mumu_diptext.jpg
altered state_printed mumu_2.jpg
altered state_printed mumu_3.jpg
altered state_printed mumu_4.jpg

I'm resurrecting Altered State! Don't know what that is? Well, who can blame you? I only did two posts and those were almost 3 years ago. In case it isn't obvious from the first photo, this series is where I take a vintage piece that I wouldn't normally wear in its natural state, and start slicing and sewing until it becomes a new favorite in my closet!

When I first spotted this dress I knew I had to have it based on the color and print alone. It was just waaay too good to pass up. The problem was that it was long and shapeless. I can do long. I can do shapeless. I don't do both. It just isn't a good look for me. 

The remedy was really simple: chop the hem and sew it up. Simple as that! I also added a belt here to nip in the waist, but I don't think that'll be necessary every time I wear it. It's short enough that I can handle the shapelessness now! Think of this as my summer styling for this dress and keep your eyes peeled for another version come fall/winter. I already have so many great ideas for tights/boots combos...