Endless Summer

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The heat's been so intense here in LA for the past couple weeks. It really makes it hard to get excited about shooting fall fashion when I'm sweating my ass off in cutoffs and a tank top in my sweltering apartment! Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't be complaining...it's just weird to live in a place where real summer weather doesn't hit until August and September.

Anyway, it was blazing hot last weekend, so we decided to meet up with some friends down in Long Beach to grab some beers at Beachwood BBQ and Brewing. This is one of the places I hear mentioned most often in lists of best breweries in the LA area. It didn't disappoint! Definitely check it out if you're ever in the area. Bonus points for having a full food menu! 

Oh, and while you're in Long Beach, check out Retro Row. It's a section of 4th St (about 3 blocks or so) where there's a huge concentration of vintage and thrift shops. I didn't get to spend too much time there, but I'll definitely be back!

I kept my outfit as minimal as possible, but had to do at least a little bit of layering to keep things interesting. That's the great thing about vests. You can layer them over a sleeveless dress without feeling like you're piling on too much heavy stuff in the heat!

Dress: Buffalo Exchange / Vest & Boots: Goodwill / Bag: estate sale / Hat: Atlantis Attic / Sunglasses: Target / Earrings: Day-Lab