DIY Kimono

pink silk kimono_1.jpg
pink silk kimono_2.jpg
pink silk kimono_3.jpg
pink silk kimono_4.jpg
pink silk kimono_5.jpg

I don't often tackle DIY projects, but when I saw this kimono tutorial last fall, I decided to give it a go. The results are...okay. I'm the first to admit that I'm not the world's greatest seamstress. I do know how to use a sewing machine, and use one a lot in fact, but mostly for small alterations and mends. This was a much larger project than I'm used to even though it would probably be categorized as very easy by most. Oh well, I did my best, and the result is certainly wearable, even if it isn't perfect! Plus I don't know what else I would've used this pretty vintage silk fabric for. I found it at an estate sale almost 3 years ago and it's been sitting around ever since. At least it has a purpose now!

Necklace: Lockhart Wrks / Tank Top: American Apparel / Shorts: H&M / Boots: Goodwill / Sunglasses: Target