How I'd Wear It: Beige & Cobalt Blue Dress

cobalt blue print secretary dress_diptext.jpg
cobalt blue print secretary dress_2.jpg
cobalt blue print secretary dress_1.jpg
cobalt blue print secretary dress_3.jpg

If there's one thing I learned with this week's outfit, it's that I own A LOT of cobalt blue accessories. I guess it is one of my favorite colors. It just pops so nicely with red hair! What is a departure for me is wearing this nude/beige color. It's so close to my skin color that I tend to shy away from it because I worry that it'll make me look washed out. I guess it isn't too bad here since I don't have much skin showing. Still, I think this color looks fantastic on those who have a darker skin tone than I do. Admittedly, that is most people! I'm so super pale!

How would you style this dress? Keep the color story limited like I did, or go crazy with contrasting colors?

Vintage Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage / Vintage Hat & Earrings: Buffalo Exchange / Vintage Belt: Beacon's Closet / Tights: Target / Heels: Goodwill