Snake Charmer

70s print blouse red tights_1.png
70s print blouse red tights_2.png
70s print blouse red tights_3.png
70s print blouse red tights_4.jpg

I really like the simplicity of the color story here. Red, white, gray, and black. Simple, but still fun! Oh, and the snake earrings! I found these in the clearance bin at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago and just had to have them. I totally have a thing for snake jewelry. The problem is that I tend to lose it. I can't even remember how many snake rings I've gone through. Who even knows what happens to them. I mean, I have plenty of other jewelry that I never lose, but the snake jewelry always manages to slither away never to be seen again. Hopefully I have better luck this time!

Vintage Blouse: Jet Rag Dollar Sale / Dress, Shoes, & Earrings: Buffalo Exchange / Tights: We Love Colors