Spring 2015 Lookbook: Desert Breeze

spring 2015 lookbook_title_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_cape_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_blue dress_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_bridesmaid_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_floral jacket_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_ruffle blouse_final sm.jpg
spring 2015 lb_purple dress_final sm.jpg

Here's my spring 2015 lookbook! I decided on the title Desert Breeze because, as I mentioned in a previous post (and is obvious in the title photo), it was super windy when we were shooting! For the most part I was able to choose photos that weren't toooo messed up by the wind, but you can definitely see signs of it in almost every image. My favorite little wind moment is in the last photo. See my blurred sleeves? They were flapping around my arms like a flag on a blustery day! It looks kind of cool, but wasn't intentional at all.

Oh, and you probably noticed that the site has been redesigned. Nothing crazy; I just switched to a different layout and added some more pages. Check out my new About page! I finally made myself sit down and write one. It's something I'd been dreading doing, but I was hit with a sudden burst of inspiration over the weekend and it all just tumbled out. Isn't it nice when that happens?