How I'd Wear It: Checkered Sweater Vest

red checkered vest gold scarf_diptext.jpg
red checkered vest gold scarf_2.jpg
red checkered vest gold scarf_1.jpg
red checkered vest gold scarf_3.jpg
red checkered vest gold scarf_4.jpg

My love of vests started just a few years ago. Prior to that I just didn't know what to do with them. Now I wear them all the time! I'm not sure what changed. Something about moving to LA just unlocked the secret of vests for me I guess - haha! Now they're a major part of my layering wardrobe. This particular sweater vest might seem like more of a holiday staple, but I wanted to show that it can be transitioned into warmer weather too. By layering it over a sleeveless dress, you instantly add interest (and a print) to an otherwise kind of boring outfit. Throw on a gold and black metallic scarf and you're ready to take on the world...or the rooftop bar. You know, whatever you happen to be trying to do that night.

Vintage Sweater Vest: Fiery Finish Vintage / Dress & Cuff: Buffalo Exchange / Heels: Goodwill / Scarf: Beacon's Closet