Dots & Stripes Forever

polka dot dress striped shirt_1.jpg
polka dot dress striped shirt_2.jpg
polka dot dress striped shirt_3.jpg
polka dot dress striped shirt_5.jpg
polka dot dress striped shirt_4.jpg

Last weekend's heat wave has thankfully mellowed into normal LA spring temperatures, so that means I can bust my tights back out! It's funny, in most offices Fridays are for casual dressing. My office, on the other hand, has absolutely no dress code. Seriously, none whatsoever. I'm a bike commuter for most of the week and that means I wear jeans and a tank top or t-shirt. Nothing too exciting; I want to be comfortable when I ride. Fridays are one of the only days I drive and that means I get to dress up! So instead of casual Fridays, I do fancy Fridays! Well, fancy by LA standards anyway...

Dress: c/o EShakti / T-shirt & Jacket: Goodwill / Tights & Boots: Target / Sunglasses: Rose Bowl Flea Market

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