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 photo striped shirt purple dress_2_zps0ashiey1.jpg
 photo striped shirt purple dress_3_zpsaphodeyp.jpg
 photo striped shirt purple dress_4_zpsqcwiajhn.jpg

This is a rare situation where the only vintage piece I'm wearing an accessory. It's unusual for me not to have any vintage clothing on, but it does happen from time to time! Everything you see here, with the exception of the sunglasses, was bought secondhand, though. Isn't this the cutest flower pin? I don't even remember where I found it anymore. Once, when I wore it long ago, one of my friends thought it was a fried egg at first glance - haha! That kind of makes me want to hunt for an actual fried egg pin because that might be even more awesome than this flower pin...

I'm so happy for the time change because that means I can start taking outfit photos after work again. When it was getting dark early, it was so hard to find time to do that since it would be dark when I got home from work during the week, and my weekend days are filled up with working on my Etsy shop. Now I just have to come up with some interesting outfits to wear to work...

Blazer & T-shirt: Buffalo Exchange / Dress: American Way Thrift Store / Boots: Goodwill / Sunglasses: Target