How I'd Wear It: Red, White, & Blue Polo Dress


It occurred to me while taking these photos that this awesome vintage faux fur coat has never been featured on my blog before. How is that even possible? I love this coat! I guess living in LA it's never really cold enough to wear it and I never think to take outfit photos when I'm in Cincinnati for Christmas (the only time this lovely coat sees the light of day anymore). I bought it like a million years ago at a thrift shop back when I still lived in Cincinnati. I can't remember how much I paid, but it couldn't have been more than $15. Such an amazing deal! It saw so much action when I lived in NYC that the lining is starting to rip out at the shoulders. I really should take it somewhere to have the lining replaced.

But wait, we're here to talk about this polo dress! Isn't it cute? Check out that little bee patch on the chest! I decided to go for a Margot Tennenbaum inspired look here since that's pretty much all I can think of whenever I see a polo dress, even if it isn't striped. What do you think? How would you style this dress?

Vintage Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage / Belt: Goodwill / Boots: Salvation Army / Coat: Valley Thrift Store