How I'd Wear It: Turtleneck Dress


I don't own enough solid color dresses. So much of my wardrobe involves wild prints that it can be challenging to pair items together sometimes. I love print mixing as much as the next person, but honestly that takes a lot of thought and sometimes I just don't have time to think when I'm getting dressed. That's why having a very classic, plain navy blue dress like this can be helpful. You can pretty much add any accessories and end up with vastly different looks. For this shoot, I decided to take a sort of colorblocking approach by adding the long red vest, gold belt, and dark green boots. It's still simple, but now it pops! How do you style your basic clothing? Do you keep it simple or do you use them as a display for your crazier pieces?

Vintage Dress: Fiery Finish Vintage / Vest & Boots: Goodwill