Eagle Eye

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As you can kind of see, I chopped my hair off again. I'll make a point of taking some hat free photos next time. Honestly, I was more concerned with keeping the sun off my face while I was digging through the clothes at the Jet Rag dollar sale today. If you live in Los Angeles, or are planning to ever be here on a Sunday, I can't recommend the Jet Rag sale enough. It happens every Sunday and they just open up giant bales of clothes in their parking lot for people to sift through. If you like hunting, this is paradise! And everything is just $1 (for real, everything)!

I really can't get enough of this eagle shirt I bought at Goodwill a few months ago. Seriously, I wear it at least once every laundry cycle. It's pretty much the best t-shirt ever made. Do you guys have a piece of clothing that you constantly wear without fail? It's so nice to have something that you're so comfortable in, but you do have to remember to switch it up so that you don't get stuck in a rut wearing it the same way every time! That's something I'm still working on with this shirt...

**T-shirt & Boots: Goodwill / Cardigan: Crossroads Trading Co / Shorts: Buffalo Exchange / Backpack: estate sale / Hat: Atlantic Attic Vintage / Sunglasses: Target**

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