Joshua Tree Rocks


Confession: I don't normally take outfit photos for my blog without sunglasses unless I'm wearing mascara. It's one of those weird hangups that I have about photos of myself that no one else probably notices, but for some reason it's a big deal to me. Well, here I'm not wearing a single bit of makeup and I didn't put the sunglasses on because it was about to get dark and it wouldn't have made any sense! We decided at the last minute to grab lunch and some beers at Golden Road Brewery today, and I didn't feel like being fancy and taking the time to even put on mascara.

Isn't this t-shirt fantastic? Every time we go to a national park, I check the gift shop for cool t-shirts, but never have any luck. Well, when we went out to Joshua Tree a few weeks ago, I checked the kids section and it was a goldmine! The shirt's a tiny bit small on me, but I don't even care. The kids' shirts are so much better than the adult shirts! It doesn't hurt that rock scrambling is my favorite thing to do at Joshua Tree...

Shirt: Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Center / Vintage Vest: Jet Rag Dollar Sale / Jeans: H&M / Bag: Beyond Retro / Boots: Dr Martens / Cuff: Random shop in Pioneertown