How I'd Wear It: Plaid Blanket Wrap Skirt


I knew I wanted to do something classic with this skirt that's currently listed in my Etsy shop, so I started with a white blouse. Nothing more classic than a tartan skirt and white blouse, right? Well, it was a little too classic for me! I knew I needed to add something unexpected to make it more my style, so of course I grabbed some colored tights. This is just another example of my royal blue and red love manifesting itself in an outfit. Even after adding that extra pop of color, I still felt like it wasn't quite something I'd wear. That's when I decided to grab the black leather vest out of the closet! I think that was just the finishing touch it needed. It still feels classic, but it also feels like me!

Vintage Skirt: Fiery Finish Vintage / White Blouse: Philly AIDS Thrift / Leather Vest: Goodwill / Tights: We Love Colors / Wedges: Crossroads Trading Co