Fire & Bone





I'm so excited to finally be able to wear my snowshoe hare skull necklace from Fire & Bone! I was a backer for their wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and it arrived last week. My good friend Matt Kroner is one of the co-founders of the company, so that's just makes it that much more fun to wear and show off to people. Keep an eye on these guys...I think you're going to be hearing about them more and more as they expand their business.

It was super HOT in LA this past weekend, so I had to bust out the sandals. This is what I wore on Saturday afternoon when Matt and I headed out for lunch in the neighborhood. Sunday was even hotter, so we went to the beach. No complaints here; I'll take the beach in winter over freezing cold temperatures any day!

Whatcha Wearing?
Maxi dress and sandals from H&M / Vest from Goodwill
Skull necklace from Fire & Bone / Hat from Atlantic Attic Vintage / Sunglasses from Target