How I'd Wear It: Black & White Floral 90s Dress




Whatcha Wearing?
Leather vest from Goodwill / Tights from We Love Colors
Bracelet from Buffalo Exchange / Necklace from a garage sale / Soda boots from Shoe Carnival

I bought this vest at Goodwill when I was in Cincinnati last Christmas and then completely forgot about it! I'll have to find a way to work it into some of my actual outfits this winter. Instead of mixing eras, I decided to just go balls out 90s with this outfit. 90s dress, combat boots, and a silver choker. Did anyone else have some really awesome chokers in the 90s? I remember two that I had very specifically. One was a thick black fabric cord with a silver peace sign attached and the other was a flat velvet ribbon with a gold cross attached. Anyway, this dress is super cute and great for layering. The black & white color palette makes is super versatile too!