How I'd Wear It: Earthy Tent Dress





Whatcha Wearing?
Tights from Forever 21
Vintage cardigan and shoes from Crossroads Trading Co 

After a very long absence, 'How I'd Wear It' is back! This is where I take items for sale in my Etsy shop and style them as if I'm keeping them for myself. As you might imagine, this can be a dangerous game. I'm proud to say that this has only resulted in me removing one dress from the shop to keep for myself.

As you can see, Cat (yes our cat's name is Cat) decided to get in on the action this time. He even sat just inside the frame so that he was sure to get plenty of face time. It was pretty funny! While we were taking the photos, Matt said that he thought I looked like I was going to an art opening. That seems like a great place to wear this outfit, but I would also wear it with my black combat boots for everyday as well. It's always nice to have a dress that can be worn both ways!