Surfin' Safari





Whatcha Wearing?
Urban Renewal dress from Beacon's Closet / Hat from Atlantis Attic
Boots from Salvation Army / Sunglasses from American Eagle
Necklace from a garage sale / Bracelet from H&M

I feel like I'm getting ready to go on safari whenever I wear this hat. I know it doesn't really look like a safari hat, so I'm not sure where that's coming from!

We made the long drive to see our accountant today. Exciting, right? Well, sometimes these not-so-exciting things just have to be done. We were there for a lot longer than I expected, but he's a nice guy, so I guess there are worse ways to spend a day. As you can see, I'm back in front of the graffiti wall again. I had to drop a package off at the post office when we got home, and this wall is just too convenient to pass up when I'm looking for a good place to take outfit photos close to home! I don't know if you can tell, but I'm trying to use different parts of it to keep it fresh. Eventually I'll run out of wall, but for now that's the plan!

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