Museum of Jurassic Technology






Whatcha Wearing?
JFW dress from Buffalo Exchange
Vintage blouse from Goodwill
Bass flats from Crossroads Trading
Sunglasses from Brick Lane Market

I was sick earlier this week, so my work and blogging schedule has been all out of whack. I think I'm back in business now, though!

Today Matt and I decided to take an outing to a strange and intriguingly named institution that's just up the street from our apartment: The Museum of Jurassic Technology. If you live in LA or are planning a visit, I highly recommend a trip to this place. Don't worry if you're confused by the name or the website, really the less you know going in, the better. In my opinion, it ranks up there with Dennis Severs' House and the Old Operating Theatre Museum in London for bizarre awesomeness. Just as a little taste of what they offer, my favorite exhibits were about mobile homes and decaying dice. Really, you should just go and check it out! As a bonus they serve tea and cookies upstairs in a room that's a miniature reconstruction of Tsar Nicolas II's study. This room is immediately down the hall from portraits of the Soviet space dogs. I've said too much, just go...

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