How I'd Wear It: Perfect Fall Secretary Dress







Whatcha Wearing?
Secretary dress available here in my Etsy shop
Tights from We Love Colors
Belt from H&M
Ring from Day-Lab
AK Anne Klein boots from Beacon's Closet

I wish I could have photographed myself walking under some beautiful autumn foliage, but I'm afraid the palm trees don't change with the (lack of) seasons. That doesn't stop me from loving this dress! I worked for the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County back when I lived in Cincy, and this is the kind of outfit I could totally see myself wearing in that setting. Classic, but a bit subversive...just like any good public library!

What do you think of my new haircut? I went to the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica yesterday intending to just get a trim, but the student suggested doing this instead. I think it's really fun! Similar to how it was before, but with a little kick. Switched it up just enough to keep me from getting bored.

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