Hiking Solstice Canyon


On Saturday we decided to tackle our first big LA hike: Solstice Canyon in Malibu. We started out on the Rising Sun Trail, which zigzags it's way up into the Santa Monica Mountains. If you look behind you as you go, you get to see this beautiful view of the ocean framed by the mountains.


Someone's been using this windmill for target practice...


What am I looking at, you might ask? Well, there was a really cool spider web inside this hole.



After a super sweaty hike with almost no shade, we finally came to the Roberts' Ranch House. Built in 1952, it burned in a fire in 1982, leaving ruins to be explored. Let me tell you, it's strange to see palm trees in the middle of a mountain canyon! The only stranger thing might have been seeing the giraffes, camels, buffalo, African deer, and exotic birds that they used to keep on the ranch!


We made our way back out by following the Solstice Canyon Trail. It was a much easier hike, and we're pretty sure this must have served as the extremely long driveway to the ranch. We found this bathtub looking thing that was probably used to water horses or something. Matt decided to pretend to take a bath. Can you blame him? It was hot out! So hot that we decided to hit Zuma Beach before heading home. The ice cold ocean water felt amazing!