New in the Shop: Dotty for Polka Dots



I just listed these two super cute polka dotted dresses in my boutique. Hurry on over if you like them. I get the feeling that these won't last very long!

The second one is actually one of my tried and true going out dancing dresses. That dress has witnessed the drinking of countless gin & tonics. Oh, the debaucherous tales it could tell of my youth! I still remember the day I found it while thrifting with my friend Janice back in Cincinnati about 8 years ago. Major score! I wonder what else we found that day, but I'll never remember since that dress overshadowed everything. BTW, I'm listening to the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack while putting together this post. In some ways this music seems intricately intertwined with this dress. Ah, but I could probably say the same thing about Pulp's Common People. Oh, memories! I'll stop now before I talk myself out of selling it...