How I'd Wear It: School Basketball T-Shirt





Whatcha Wearing?
St Jude T-shirt , for sale here in my boutique
Leather skirt from Goodwill
Tights from Uniqlo
Shoes from Crossroads Trading Co
Glitter belt from a vintage jacket bought at Beacon's Closet
Bracelets from Daylab and Buffalo Exchange
Bottle necklace from my mom / multi chain necklace from some mall shop

Full disclosure #1: St Jude is a Catholic elementary school in Cincinnati. I didn't go there, but I have a friend who did. This was one of my thrift store finds while visiting family in Cincy on our way out to LA, and I'm having a hard time not keeping it for myself! Such great colors and I love that it's sleeveless! Sure, you could pair it with some shorts and wear it to the gym (or to play basketball), but I think it's much more interesting with leather and lots of hardware inspired jewelry. This would be a great outfit to wear out dancing--comfy and cool!
Full disclosure #2: I could barely get this skirt zipped up. It used to fit perfectly, but my workouts have been scattered at best over the past few months with travelling and the move. Time to get my ass back into shape! Good thing I'm climbing the steps of Mount Doom again tomorrow...