Heat Wave







Whatcha Wearing?
Dress & hat from Buffalo Exchange
Bag from Beacon's Closet
Bracelet from Covered Bridge Antiques
Sunglasses from H&M
We were all over the place today! First off, we hit up a couple estate sales up in The Valley. I should probably explain something I've learned about LA weather...it varies greatly by region. For example, the guy on the radio yesterday said that temps today would be between the upper 70s and low 100s. Yes, that's as exact as they can get without specifying neighborhood/area. Okay, now back to The Valley. Let's just say it was closer to the high end of the predicted temperature. The first house we went to had a/c, but nothing very good for sale. The second house was a goldmine! A very, very hot and sweaty goldmine. As I dug through some lady's closets and closets of amazing vintage clothes, the sweat just ran down my face into my eyes. It was totally worth it though. I came away with a major haul of great stuff for my shops. Now I just have a lot of laundering in my near future.

After that we decided to check out a couple flea market/bazaar type things in the Silver Lake area. The first was organized by Bitchcraft Trading Post, and was a lot of fun! That might be partially because it was in the shade. Also because they had beer and we were really thirsty. Either way, there were some really good vendors. Lot's of cool vintage, jewelry, and art to browse through. I'll definitely check out future events that they have.

Our final destination was the Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage flea market. I think the crappy heat might have kept both shoppers and vendors away today, since it was really sparsely populated. Part of the problem may have been that it's held in a giant parking lot with little shade. I'll have to come back on a cooler day to really check it out. Luckily there was a farmer's market on our way back to our car where we could get a much needed coconut water, or as the vendor called it, natural Gatorade. All in all, an excellent day!