Festival of the Chariots





We got our bikes back from the shop last week, and decided to go for a ride down to the beach today to check out the Santa Monica Pier as well as the Festival of the Chariots. The bike path along the beach was pretty clogged with walkers and bikers, but it was still a nice ride from Venice over into Santa Monica. It's so funny how you can see such a distinct difference between these two neighborhoods. It happens so quickly too! T-shirt shops and boardwalk marijuana doctors turn into perfectly manicured grass and beach volleyball as you roll past.
As you can see from the photos, it was a busy day at the beach! We also grabbed some ice cream and made a stop at the Zoltar machine while we were out on the pier. What was my fortune? I already forget...







The next stop was the Festival of the Chariots back in Venice. This is a parade and festival held yearly by the Hare Krishnas. We missed the parade that happened earlier in the morning, but it was still a great time. First off, they feed you! The free (vegetarian!) feast was quite nice, and apparently they prepare enough to serve twenty thousand people throughout the day. Pretty impressive. There were also food vendors, informational booths, free yoga sessions, and the happiest dance party I've ever seen.
All in all, it was an excellent day in the beautiful weather. The best kind of Sunday.