Factory Girl






Whatcha Wearing?
Monki tank top from Beacon's Closet
Jeans from H&M that I cut into shorts
Vintage boots from Salvation Army
Cuff from Buffalo Exchange
Sunglasses from American Eagle

I love how the pattern on this shirt has a stylized city with a factory expelling what looks like ink bubbles. What does that mean? What exactly are they producing in that factory? Is it safe? These are all very pressing questions about my shirt...

There were a lot of people in the alley today as we were walking over to the graffiti wall, and one guy decided to follow us and stare at me as we took photos. I really hate that. The look on my face in the last picture is when I had just about enough. I just feel so awkward when people watch me taking outfit photos. Mostly because, to someone who doesn't read these types of blogs, it much seem like the most ridiculous activity ever. Or maybe that's just my perception of the situation and I need to get over it. For whatever reason, I was much more comfortable taking photos back in Brooklyn. Oh well, adapt or die!

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