Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress and hat from Buffalo Exchange
Vintage bracelet from Covered Bridge Antique Mall
Shoes from Payless (Isabel Toledo)

It's a hot one today (well, at least by coastal California standards), so I decided to wear this fun tropical dress I bought at the Santa Monica Buffalo Exchange a few months ago. It photographed quite well on our new balcony if I may say so myself! Expect to see this view in the background of a lot of my outfit posts going forward.
If you're in Cincinnati and looking for vintage jewelry or home goods, I highly recommend Covered Bridge Antique Mall in Mt Healthy. My friend Janice (hi, Janice!) used to work at a bank nearby and discovered it back when we all still lived in Cincy. It's a consignment place and is absolutely FULL of great finds, mostly at very reasonable prices. Store that tip away for the future...this isn't the kind of place you'll find in a guide book!