Magic Hour





Whatcha Wearing?
Silence + Noise top from Beacon's Closet
Levi's jeans from Crossroads Trading Co
Vintage hat from Atlantis Attic 
Bag from Salvation Army
Shoes and cuff from Buffalo Exchange
Necklace from Daylab
Sunglasses from American Eagle
I have no idea where I found this belt!

Look, I'm not on my balcony! We headed to a friend's house last night for some drinks and a few rounds of a game called Wormhole 7. Imagine bocce + shuffleboard + space theme + a black light as a game in someone's backyard and you might start to have some understanding of what we were playing. Yes, it was made up in that very backyard and yes, the rules are still being formulated as we go, but it is so much fun to play! Perhaps someday it will be in everyone's backyard!