How I'd Wear It: 90s Florals






Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress, for sale here in my boutique
Socks and cuff from H&M
Ring from Daylab
Combat boots that I bought a million years ago on a clearance table

I photograph the clothes in my etsy and shops on a mannequin since everything doesn't fit me and I want my listings to be uniform. That doesn't stop me from imagining how I would wear them! In fact, I imagine how I would wear just about every piece that I buy. Even though I make a point of styling the mannequin to show a complete outfit, I can't fully deck it out in accessories and shoes. That's where "How I'd Wear It" comes in.  Each week, I'm going to take some of the clothes I have for sale and do exactly you how I'd wear it if I was to keep it for myself. And let me tell you, I have a hard time not keeping some of this stuff for myself!

This was another one of those long, shapeless, frumpy "teacher dresses". I just gave it a quick hem into super mini dress territory, and suddenly it's a bit of 90s grunge-style floral greatness! Super comfy and easy to wear. Striped socks for some fun pattern mixing and big combat boots for some ass-kicking complete the look.

How would you style this dress?