Happy Belated...Easter?

Whatcha Wearing?
Vintage dress from Beacon's Closet
Vintage cardigan from Crossroads Trading Co
Tights from We Love Colors
Vintage boots from Salvation Army (50% off!)
Necklace given to me by my Mom when I was 12 (yes the stopper comes out)
Sunglasses from American Eagle Outfitters

You might remember this dress and tights combo from a post last fall. Well, here it is remixed for Easter! Yes, I'm just now posting my Easter outfit...
Clearly the boots were the real star of the photo shoot. These were such a great find at the Salvation Army on Manhattan Ave. It was somehow only my first time going there, not really sure how I lived a few blocks away for over a year and never stopped in. They had a really great selection. Much less picked over than I expected for my neighborhood.