The Hills

Whatcha Wearing?
Urban Renewal dress from Beacon's Closet
Vintage sweater from Crossroads Trading Co
Bag from H&M
Sunglasses from American Eagle Outfitters
Tights from Uniqlo
Altama Army boots from Goodwill

Look! It's gloomy again in L.A. We decided to check out Griffith Observatory on Tuesday since it offers really beautiful views of the city all the way to the ocean. Look at the sprawl! That city is sooo huge and spread out. It's really mind blowing to someone who's used to the compactness of NYC. We took a little hike down one of the paths, but didn't go too far. I'd love to go back and explore all the trails that snake through the hills in the park.
Quick note on this sweater: it pretty much never leaves my body since it looks good with just about everything. It was one of my favorite finds this winter. If only the sleeves were long enough on me and I could wear them unrolled sometimes!